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Does stretching really help before exercise?

The New York Times > Health > Fitness & Nutrition > Hold That Stretch: Warm-Up Is Challenged [...continue reading]

Mr. Info: Take the Money-It's Free!

Late-night TV infomercial icon Matthew Lesko had advice for entrepreneurs: Take the money the government wants to give you. A report from a recent talk at HBS. [...continue reading]

Wall St. Journal "Situations Wanted" ads–Efficacy Analysis

Michael K. LorelliDarien, CT Office: (203) 655 - 2444MikLorelli@aol.comTo: Fellow Brain Food Readers Date: April 27th, 2004From: Mike Lorellire: Wall St. Journal "Situations Wanted" ads--Efficacy AnalysisI ran a situations wanted' ad in the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday national edition of The [...continue reading]

Project Planning Checklist

[by David Allen]"Talking to corporate executives across the country, I often find that project planning is an issue. I developed this project planning checklist to scan possible ideas to be considered in your projects. It is especially good when you're just brainstorming, and giving yourself [...continue reading]

How a Laid-Back Style Hurt a Potential 'Apprentice'

How a Laid-Back Style Hurt a Potential 'Apprentice' provides a useful comparison of Goldman culture vs. others' culture. [...continue reading]

a reverse dictionary

When you're looking for just the right word for , check out · Find a word if you know its definition· Explore related concepts · Generate a list of words in some category · Answer basic identification questions: What is the capital of Vietnam? [...continue reading]

Burt Alimansky–Smart Networking

On March 9, I attended a talk on "Smart Networking?? by Burt Alimansky. Following are my notes. Burt gave his approval to distribute these notes. Smart Networking: How to Win New Clients, New Jobs, & New Friends - Burt Alimansky Harvard MBA '77, Managing Director, Alimansky Capital Group Inc.Mr. [...continue reading]

O'Reilly Network: My Blog, My Outboard Brain [May. 31, 2002]

Although Cory Doctorow wrote My Blog, My Outboard Brain [May. 31, 2002] two years ago, it's still a good summary of the motivation for maintaining a blog. [...continue reading]