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Archives for April 2004

Does stretching really help before exercise?

The New York Times > Health > Fitness & Nutrition > Hold That Stretch: Warm-Up Is Challenged [...continue reading]

Mr. Info: Take the Money-It's Free!

Late-night TV infomercial icon Matthew Lesko had advice for entrepreneurs: Take the money the government wants to give you. A report from a recent talk at HBS. [...continue reading]

Wall St. Journal "Situations Wanted" ads–Efficacy Analysis

Michael K. LorelliDarien, CT Office: (203) 655 - 2444MikLorelli@aol.comTo: Fellow Brain Food Readers Date: April 27th, 2004From: Mike Lorellire: Wall St. Journal "Situations Wanted" ads--Efficacy AnalysisI ran a situations wanted' ad in the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday national edition of The [...continue reading]

Project Planning Checklist

[by David Allen]"Talking to corporate executives across the country, I often find that project planning is an issue. I developed this project planning checklist to scan possible ideas to be considered in your projects. It is especially good when you're just brainstorming, and giving yourself [...continue reading]

How a Laid-Back Style Hurt a Potential 'Apprentice'

How a Laid-Back Style Hurt a Potential 'Apprentice' provides a useful comparison of Goldman culture vs. others' culture. [...continue reading]

a reverse dictionary

When you're looking for just the right word for , check out· Find a word if you know its definition· Explore related concepts · Generate a list of words in some category · Answer basic identification questions: What is the capital of Vietnam? [...continue reading]

Burt Alimansky–Smart Networking

On March 9, I attended a talk on "Smart Networking?? by Burt Alimansky. Following are my notes. Burt gave his approval to distribute these notes. Smart Networking: How to Win New Clients, New Jobs, & New Friends - Burt Alimansky Harvard MBA '77, Managing Director, Alimansky Capital Group Inc.Mr. [...continue reading]

O'Reilly Network: My Blog, My Outboard Brain [May. 31, 2002]

Although Cory Doctorow wrote My Blog, My Outboard Brain [May. 31, 2002] two years ago, it's still a good summary of the motivation for maintaining a blog. [...continue reading]

How to get into the world's most exclusive restaurants

how to get into the world's most exclusive restaurants with a little "tip" [...continue reading]

Travel Safety: Tips from an experienced veteran

Travel Safety: Tips from an experienced veteran, Mike Lorelli [...continue reading]

Seven Tips for Smarter Compensation Negotiation

So you've gotten a job offer. Now you start the delicate process of negotiating. How should you go about it? [...continue reading]

The Write Way to Jump-start Your Career

tips on The Write Way to Jump-start Your Career [...continue reading]

Resources for time management

Harold Taylor has some great articles worth reviewing at 10 Time Management Myths Some of what you believe about time management is simply not true.  25 Ways to Save Time For those time-crunched people who are looking for some quick suggestions for [...continue reading]

Remove Embarrassing Hidden Data in Office 2003/XP

You'd think the people who make Microsoft Word understand enough about the program to avoid embarrassing themselves with unintended disclosures of internal information. You'd be wrong. See [...continue reading]