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Archives for 2007

The Insider's Guide to Interviewing

Career Hub has just released their third free eBook, "The Insider's Guide to Interviewing", featuring articles from 14 top career experts. This book, along with two earlier books, The Insider's Guide to Resume Writing" and "The Insider's Guide to Job Search" can be downloaded at [...continue reading]

Compensation at Private Equity Firms and Investment Banks

Dealmaker Magazine has a useful survey of 2006 compensation at top private equity firms and investment banks. They've done their best to make it hard to replicate this data without sharing your own personal data with them. The page with this data in the printed magazine is written with [...continue reading]

Value of Soft Assets

The indefatigable and ubiquitous Auren Hoffman, CEO of Rapleaf, posts his slides from a presentation on the value of soft assets ("connections, knowledge, and reputation"). I particularly like his analogy between alternative assets in the hard and soft space. [...continue reading]

Bit Literacy

I'm a longtime fan of the design philosophy and work of CreativeGood. Every time I've written a web design spec, I've required the designers to look at that site.Mark Hurst, founder of Creative Good and Good Experience, and host of the Gel conference (Good Experience Live), has just released his [...continue reading]

Guidelines for Using a Cellphone Abroad

Some useful Guidelines for Using a U.S. Cellphone When Traveling Outside of the U.S. [...continue reading]

Ten things you must do in your next investing pitch

Via Laura Athavale Fitton:"Just in time for Spring Pitching season and all the venture fairs coming up, we've published a pair of tip sheets for startups to make their pitches [...continue reading]

Three Social Networking Startups: RevCat, YourLocal, CollectorsQuest

I was a judge tonight at an event sponsored by the MIT Enterprise Forum-NY, presentations by three social networking companies. (Sponsor: Fish & Richardson P.C.) The other judges: - Steve Brotman, Managing Director, Greenhill SAVP - Jim Coleman, President & Certified Facilitator -The [...continue reading]

A marketplace for research

The team from AQ Research (at whose conference I'll be speaking tomorrow in London) has written a blog post about an idea I've chewed on for a while: A Marketplace for Research'. There are a number of gross inefficiencies in the current research business, and inefficiencies are usually the breeding [...continue reading]

Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy

If you're having trouble understanding why and how it's become normative for the broadband generation (12-24) to document their entire lives online, I recommend Emily Nussbaum's Say Everything in New York magazine. My favorite section is from Clay Shirky of NYU, who has an amazing gift for [...continue reading]

Blogs as Business Tools (Investors' Business Daily)

Gary Stern of Investors' Business Daily wrote in a recent article, Blogs Are Put To Use As Business Machines on the significant benefits of unconventional marketing tools, especially blogs. According to the article, blogs can help greatly in generating new prospects and business leads.Of course, [...continue reading]

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Michael Pollan has a lengthy, excellent article in the NY Times on "Nutritionism": how modern technology can make your food less healthy. I strongly recommend it, particularly for people sensitive to their health and their weight. The bullet points at the end are critical, and will save you a lot [...continue reading]

Social Media attacking Big Media

Social media, user-generated content, digital egalitarianism ... big media has a big problem ... The second tectonic shift that rocked the Internet in recent days came from Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that allows visitors to create and edit roughly 1.5 million [...continue reading]

Update on Jigsaw, marketplace for business contact information

I enjoyed meeting with Jim Fowler yesterday, CEO of Jigsaw (our wiki profile). Jigsaw is a marketplace for business contact information. It's very useful for salespeople, recruiters, researchers, jobseekers, and so on.Some noteable data points: + We know from our (Nitron Advisors') own [...continue reading]

What is your greatest weakness? 3 smart replies

Annie Fisher quotes Ben Dattner, who suggests:1. Focus the discussion on how you've improved over time.2. Talk about how the job you're applying for will help you stretch and build your skills.3. Describe a valuable piece of advice someone gave you, and how it has helped your career.more... [...continue reading]