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Jibber Jobber

Jason Alba at JibberJobber added a JibberJobber profile to the Virtual Handshake social software company wiki. Barbara Safani writes, A successful job search campaign requires exceptional organizational and follow-up skills. Jibber Jobber provides an easy to use interface that takes the drudgery [...continue reading]

A Career in Hedge Funds and the Price of Overcrowding

I am prone to agree with Robert Frank's argument in A Career in Hedge Funds and the Price of Overcrowding.  "[The market for hedge fund talent] is what economists call a winner-take-all market - essentially a tournament in which a handful of winners are selected from a much larger field of [...continue reading]

Web 3.0: Where Are We Headed?

I enjoyed speaking at the recent Web 2.0 New York conference.  I have posted an expanded version of my slide deck on "Web 3.0: Where Are We Headed?"  My thanks to Sutithi Chakraborty for her help in researching this topic. [...continue reading]

Best Practices in Writing Emails–Policy for a Multinational Corporation

Our new parent company, Evalueserve, is highly dependent on email for internal and external communications. They also hire every year hundreds of recent graduates (particularly in India, China, and Chile) who are usually not familiar with the protocols of business communication via email. The [...continue reading]

How to Manage Virtual Employees

In our latest FastCompany column, we summarized best practices in managing virtual employees at Evalueserve: ...Daigle observed that the virtual structure eliminates many political issues: "Not only do we not have much of the water cooler, idle time type of communication, and resulting issues -- we [...continue reading]

Execunet Webinar: Consulting Opportunities with Hedge Funds, VC Funds, and Others

I hope that some of you will join us for the program below. CONSULTING OPPORTUNITIES WITH HEDGE FUNDS, PRIVATE EQUITY FUNDS, MUTUAL FUNDS AND OTHERS Webinar with David Teten, Co-Managing Director, Nitron Circle of Experts Friday, June 08, 2007, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST Sponsored by Execunet, [...continue reading]

Web 2.0 NY Conference – June 14, 2007

I hope that some of you can join me at the conference below---I'll be on the panel discussing user-generated content. Web 2.0 NY  - June 14, 2007 Combined with Local Ad World & Madison Ave. 2.0    Collaborative & Social Tools applied to Business & [...continue reading]

Evalueserve acquires Nitron Circle of Experts

I'm happy to report that Evalueserve has acquired Nitron Circle of Experts. I originally met with some of the senior management at EVS because I was recruiting them to consult for some clients. That conversation led to another conversation, and another, which led to an offer, which led to an [...continue reading]