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How to Work with Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Companies

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I’m delivering a webinar next Tuesday for Harvard Business School Career Services on “How to Work with Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Companies”.  Among the topics I’m covering:

– Raise capital from a venture capital fund to found a company

– Partner with a private equity fund to find a company to buy or found

– Get a job at a private equity/venture capital portfolio company

– Earn extra income (while keeping your full-time job) by participating in expert networks

– Join a senior advisor network

– Join a portfolio company board

I’d value any feedback you have on my draft deck, embedded below. If your main focus is VC/startups, see John Gannon’s venture capital jobs site and Christina Cacioppo’s startup and job resources.

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  1. Allen says:

    Thanks for publishing this resource. It’s always interesting to see what VCs are looking for from entrepreneurs and the generaly thought process of a VC. One thing I was curious about is: what markets are VCs generally looking to invest in. Many VCs specialize in a few industries or stages of growth, but are there certain (untapped) spaces like education, for example, that VCs are looking into more these days?