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July 19 Dreamit Talk: Best Practices in Recruiting High Performers

Image representing DreamIt Ventures

On July 19, I’m giving a presentation to the current group of DreamIt Ventures companies in New York on “Best Practices in Recruiting High Performers.”  This is open to the public (no charge).

Given the hyper-competitive market for talent in the New York tech world, I thought it would be helpful to provide insights into some of the issues and challenges associated with building a great team in an early-stage company, and to offer advice to entrepreneurs on how to effectively source, interview, hire, and manage top talent.

Sourcing is obviously the first part of the challenge: where do you go to solicit new talent, and how do you identify the best fit for your company? Beyond that, however, there are challenges that are less conspicuous from the get-go: what do you look for in the interview? How do you determine appropriate compensation? How do you best leverage new hires, if you’ve made offers?


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