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How to Hack Your College or Graduate School Education

English: Inside a Harvard Business School class
You’re likely investing $20,000-$50,000/year, plus opportunity cost, to attend school.  How can you maximize the benefits of all the years and all the money that you are investing?

I have a tentative answer.  Below is the draft of a book I’m writing tentatively titled, “How to Hack Your Education”.   I’ve also posted slides from presentations I’ve made on this topic.

I wrote this book for my personal reference, for my friends starting college/graduate school, and for my children.  My main focus is graduate MBA and undergraduate business students, but the principles I discuss are relevant regardless of the exact subject you are studying.

To prepare this paper I interviewed many of my Yale and Harvard Business School classmates on what were the most effective uses of their time during school.  I also probed to learn about what were the least effective uses of their time.

Among the topics I cover: career planning, time optimization, and selective short-term learning programs and scholarships.   

A few other people have covered this topic.  See  this New York Times op-ed feature, “Ditch Your Laptop, Dump Your Boyfriend,” which profiles several college students’ advice to incoming freshmen.  Another source of school-related advice,, offers college students myriad suggestions to take advantage of their college experience: for example, their “Deals of the Week” suggests relevant bargains for cash-strapped students, for everything that a college student needs to survive: free TV show downloads, discounted appetizers at Chilis, etc.

I’d greatly appreciate any feedback you have on the book.  I’ve been gestating this since 1992.

Hack your Education

Hack your Education

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Photo: Inside a Harvard Business School classroom (Wikipedia)

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