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Free Webinar 9/13: How to Hack Your MBA and Get the Most Out of Your Degree

On 9/13, I’ll be delivering a free, one-hour webinar on “How to Hack Your MBA and Get the Most Out of Your Degree”.  We’ll have an estimated 300 attendees from most of the major business schools in Europe and the US.  It’s hosted by Evisors, a career advice resource delivered by industry experts, and formerly a regional finalist at the HBS Alumni New Venture Contest.

When: Thursday, September 13th, 11:30 am EST

For background, since 1992, I’ve been (slowly) working on a book tentatively titled “Hack your Education: How to Squeeze Maximum Value from College or Graduate School”. I’ve attached a presentation below I’ve given on the topic, plus a draft of the book. Among the topics I cover: career planning, time optimization, and selective short-term learning programs and scholarships. I am basing this book on interviews I conducted of graduates from Yale, Harvard Business School, and other leading universities, asking them questions like, “What is the best thing you did to leverage your education? What would you have done differently? What is your advice for someone just starting your program?”

I welcome feedback!  You might like some other upcoming Evisors webinars.

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Hack your Education