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Liveblogging The Smart Money of Crowds: Collaborative Investing Startups

I'm liveblogging notes from tonight's MIT Enterprise Forum event on The Smart Money of Crowds: Collaborative Investing Startups. This was not hard to organize, and I'm very happy with how the event turned out. You can see the Twitter discussion via hashtag MIT0407. Panel Biographies [...continue reading]

Seeking investing book on identifying most attractive geographies, industries, and companies

For my pending article on venture capital and private equity deal origination, I am seeking a book by an investment expert who has developed a systematic methodology for combing through all industries and geographies globally; and then zooming in on the specific subsectors and then companies that [...continue reading]

Wizards of Finance Becoming Mainstream-The Role of Mezzanine and Hedge Funds in Todays Tough Deal Environment

Following are my notes from last week's AM&AA conference on the panel, "Are the Wizards of Finance Becoming Mainstream? The Role of Mezzanine and Hedge Funds in Today's Tough Deal Environment". Todd Sternier, Caltius Capital Caltius plan in 2009: provide market one-stop [...continue reading]

Ron Senator, CEO, Sphera–largest hedge fund in Israel

I recently saw Ron Senator, CEO, Sphera Funds Management, speak at the Israeli Business Forum. My brief notes (distributed with permission) follow: $250m assets under management. Approximately 18% net return since 2001. Currently low net exposure to markets. We think some of the problems here [...continue reading]

The Bias of Wall Street Analysts

HBS professor Mark Bradshaw reports "The prediction was that all [Wall Street sell-side research] analysts would be more optimistic for firms that were issuing debt and equity securities than for firms that were either not engaging in such activity or were reducing their financing needs. An integral [...continue reading]

A Career in Hedge Funds and the Price of Overcrowding

I am prone to agree with Robert Frank's argument in A Career in Hedge Funds and the Price of Overcrowding.  "[The market for hedge fund talent] is what economists call a winner-take-all market - essentially a tournament in which a handful of winners are selected from a much larger field of [...continue reading]

Hedge Funds: Insights in Performance Measurement, Risk Analysis, and Portfolio Allocation

I enjoyed the October 30 Hedge Fund Panel Discussion by the authors of, "Hedge Funds: Insights in Performance Measurement, Risk Analysis, and Portfolio Allocation", sponsored by the Chicago GSB Alumni Club of Greater New York. Heidi Christensen Goldstein did pre-introduction Then Cyrus Claffey, [...continue reading]

Investable Hedge Fund Indices: Investable Indices or Hedge Fund of Funds?

I took some notes on Sandra Manzke's talk at this week's World Hedge Funds Summit . I have enclosed slides from her Toronto presentation and a Eurekahedge presentation.  Biography of Sandra L. Manzke Sandra Manzke, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, founded Maxam Capital Management LLC in [...continue reading]

Quantitative Hedge Fund Strategies

Jason Prole, Quantitative Strategist at Capital Risk Management Inc., presented an interesting talk on "Quantitative Strategies" at the World Hedge Fund Summit in Toronto. slides here. [...continue reading]

Toronto Hedge Funds Summit: Investment Research Panel

I'm enjoying visiting Toronto this week at the . Here are my notes on today's Investment Research Panel, preceded by the speaker biographies. Moderator: David Weild IV The National Research Exchange (The NRE) is the originator of Intermediated ResearchSM, [...continue reading]

Profile of Jack Meyer, (former) Harvard Management Company President

Image via Wikipedia As background for my next blog post about Dr. Mohamed El-Erian (current President and CEO of Harvard Management Company), I've attached below an article I wrote for the Harvard Business School newspaper (the Harbus) back on July 7, 1997. The Financial Future of Harvard is [...continue reading]

James Chanos, Kynikos Associates President, on Independent Research at the Crossroads

James Chanos, President of Kynikos Associates, whose fund accounts for 90% of institutional short funds in the US, delivered a very well-thought out keynote at last week's Investorside research conference, on "Independent Research at the [...continue reading]

Why Do Investors Choose High-fee Mutual Funds Despite the Lower Returns?

With their combination of low fees, tax efficiency and simple, autopilot investing style, index funds seem to have captivated American investors. At the same time, however, many investors still hold trillions of dollars in high-fee funds despite well-publicized evidence that low-fee alternatives [...continue reading]

How Is a Hedge Fund Like a School?

Hedge-fund guru Joel Greenblatt (also a principal of the Value Investors Club) applied Wall Street principles-and $1,000 per student-to turn around a struggling Queens elementary school. And it worked, spectacularly. more... [...continue reading]