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How To Add Powerful (and Legal) Images To Your Presentations

What do you remember better? Pictures or words? The evidence is clear: people have better recall for images than text.  Including attractive images that dramatize your speaking points will significantly increase your efficacy as a speaker. Based on my experience in investment banking and [...continue reading]

Do-it-yourself iPhone

If you want to avoid the lines, Techcrunch writes how to cobble together an iPhone equivalent for free. [...continue reading]

Guidelines for Using a Cellphone Abroad

Some useful Guidelines for Using a U.S. Cellphone When Traveling Outside of the U.S. [...continue reading]

Unwitting Exposure: Does Posting Personal Information Online Mean Giving up Privacy?

"People who access the Internet for what have become routine functions -- sending emails, writing blogs, and posting photos and information about themselves on social networking sites -- do not realize how much of their personal privacy they put at risk, according to Wharton faculty and legal [...continue reading]

Microsoft Office online—without Microsoft

Do you want to break free of Microsoft's grip? Use exclusively web-based apps, most of them free? If you do, try reviewing Ismael Ghalimi's list of 'best-of-breed' web apps, which together provide a reasonable approximation of the Microsoft Office [...continue reading]

Google SMS

A useful service I've been playing with is Google SMS: Google SMS is a new service that enables you to search for certain kinds of information with Google from a mobile phone or handheld device (such as a Blackberry), and returns your search results as text messages. Get phone book listings, movie [...continue reading]

Converting your documents into PDF format

Adobe offers a converter to PDF format on their site (for a fee), but there are countless other options out there that cost zero. Try or PDF Creator. They'll convert documents from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and so on. Via 101 Fabulous Freebies [...continue reading]

Use Gmail to break PDF copy-restrictions

Apparently, Gmail's built-in 'View as HTML' functionality, which allows you to view the content of PDF files (and other types of documents) as if they were classic webpages, works regardless of the files' usage restrictions (i.e., the functionality doesn't respect Digital Rights [...continue reading]