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How to Prepare For and Run a Startup Board Meeting

After spending quite a bit of time in board meetings, I worked with a NYU student team earlier in 2012-13 to prepare a template for board presentations to investors. In the deck below, I include our best practices on preparing for, running, and closing up on a board meeting, including what to [...continue reading]

How to ask your board for introductions

Venture capitalists and your other board members want to help you, and in fact are paid to help you.  As T.A. McCann suggests, you want your VCs ideally to not just make an introduction, but as appropriate, help you close the deal.  However, without some guidance from you, your board/VCs cannot [...continue reading]

How startups should report financial results

I asked Rick Eaton, CFO of Hashable, to write for you a sanitized version of some of the detailed reports that Hashable provides to its investors (which includes us).  He’s provided below a template for both the cover email and the detailed report.  Rick was previously CFO of our former portfolio [...continue reading]

Relationships between directors of major life science companies

Here's a modeling tool to look at relationships between directors of major life science related companies. Go to and click on "power brokers of biotech", and you'll be taken to a real-time building screen. This is a free public version of similar analyses of power networks available [...continue reading]

Running an efficient board meeting

From Ed Sim: Running an efficient board meeting [...continue reading]

Managing Meetings

[from the Inc. newsletter] ======================================================  1. MANAGING MEETINGS ====================================================== Escape from Meeting Hell It's time for another soul-sapping, oxygen- depriving, time-wasting, mind-numbing company meeting. Or is it? [...continue reading]