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Ten Experiments To Test Your Startup Hypothesis

You know that a new idea has gained dominance when it becomes practically a cliché.  That is what I’ve seen happen with the “Lean Startup” philosophy of viewing your startup as a scientific experiment in search of a business model.  This started as a new idea, then became popularized, and now people [...continue reading]

Earning Revenue and Internet Business Models

I'll be presenting on April 26 to the Founder Institute Singapore on "Earning Revenue and Internet Business Models". I give a lot of credit to Munjal Shah, some of whose slides I incorporated directly into this deck. My draft slide deck is below; I would welcome feedback. [...continue reading]

Jobs for the autistic/creating a new business

I recently learned about an entrepreneur with a very clever business model: Thorkil Sonne, founder of Danish software testing company Specialisterne.  The 55-person firm's clients include CSC, Microsoft, and Oracle. Specialisterne claims to be the world's first company focused on leveraging [...continue reading]

Business Models in User Generated Media

Tomorrow morning I'll be speaking at on Business Models in User Generated Media. I have attached a DRAFT of my talk below. I'd be grateful for any feedback readers might have. In particular, I'm trying to get rough revenue estimates for each of the categories below. [...continue reading]

Twelve Business Models Around Blog Technologies

Twelve Business Models Around Blog Technologies Here's a summary of my presentation Wednesday morning at iBreakfast: The Business of Blogging Overview I. Traditional Non-Media Businesses Leveraging Blogs II. Traditional Media Businesses Using Blogs III. Selling Blog [...continue reading]

How to Calculate Lifetime Customer Value

How to Calculate Lifetime Customer ValueSee for background, and for a very detailed calculator.courtesy of Jeremy KaganJeremy Kagan is a New York City-based entrepreneur and [...continue reading]