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HBS Alumni Angels NY Accomplishments to Date, and Our New Chairman

 I’m happy to announce that Jason E. Klein, CEO of On Grid Ventures, will serve as the new Chairman of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater NY.  Jason is an experienced angel and company builder.  I’m shifting to “Chairman Emeritus” (an overly polysyllabic title).  I'll still be very [...continue reading]

Visit to SF Bay Area May 5-8: Wharton & Columbia Business School Alumni Clubs

I'll be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area May 5-8, and hope that you can attend some of my investor seminars to the Wharton and Columbia Business School Alumni Clubs:Topic: "Squeezing Blood from a Stone: The Professional Investor's Guide to Eliciting Information"Host: Wharton Club of [...continue reading]

E-commerce/Consumer Tech Dinners in Chicago & San Francisco

I thought that some of our readers might be interested and qualified to attend one of our upcoming private hedge fund dinners. ======================================================= Seeking Ecommerce/Consumer Tech Experts for Chicago and San Francisco Hedge Fund Dinners January 2007 [...continue reading]

#1 fastest growing private company in San Francisco Bay Area

Congratulations to the team at Accolo, which was just named the #1 fastest growing private company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Accolo is the company that acquired Teten Recruiting. For more on their approach to recruiting, see "Use Online Networks to Find Your Star Employee". [...continue reading]