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Entrepreneurs: Please read first my checklist of the information I request before I can evaluate a company.  If you are applying for funding to ff Venture Capital, please see the guidelines on the ffVC site. If you are applying for funding to Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, please follow the instructions on the HBSAANY site. A colleague or I will respond to almost everyone who writes, but it may take up to a week.  Please note that like almost every VC, it’s empirically unlikely that I’ll invest in a company which is not introduced to me by someone I know.

Conference organizers: Please provide background on your event, date, location, size, audience, and your preferred topic.

People seeking their next career move: I suggest read the ffVC jobs page and my presentation on how operating executives can work with the private equity and VC industry. More resources on my blog.

I suggest follow the email charter.

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