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Corporate Innovation

One of the core functions of a VC is to identify the next generation of disruptive companies.  I recently presented to a Microsoft senior executive offsite on how large corporations can do the same. I continue to write regularly on sourcing investments.

My presentation below is based on the first-ever research study on deal origination best practices, published in the Journal of Private Equity, Harvard Business Review, and Institutional Investor, which we based on in-depth interviews with over 150 private equity and venture investors and my coauthor’s and my experience working with a range of institutional investors. I discuss:

– How to become a magnet for potential investments.
– How to use social media to systematically identify and recruit CEOs and intermediaries as deal sources.
– How to search for motivated sellers which fit your investing criteria.
– Technology for deal identification, including social media, CRM, online markets for private companies (e.g., Axial); and databases (e.g., CB Insights)


How Corporate America Can Identify the Next Generation of Disruptive Companies on Scribd