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A Wiki for MBA Applicants

Via the The Social Networking Weblog, this is a brief interview with the creator of the MBA Applicant Wiki, ClearAdmit:

Why you created it?

The MBA applicant community is typically pretty open to sharing ideas and experiences, this occurs on various applicant blogs (I am subscribed to about 100) and discussion boards, principally BusinessWeeks discussion board.

Clearadmit itself hosts a blog that has become quite popular for this community, we get approximately 1,000 unique visitors a day (yesterday was a record, 1,300).

That all being said the idea behind the wiki was to provide a central resource that applicants could share their information and insights.

For example, for each school we list there is an interview section. The applicant can share his / her interview experience.

This becomes useful to those prepping for an interview at that particular school. Once completed we hope those who benefited return and share their experiences etc.

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