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Founding and Growing a Company

I’ve written on my blog on many of the stages that a CEO has to execute on to grow a company: board of directors, business models, competitiondiversity, fundraising, internationalization, leadership, legal, management, market research, marketing, mergers & acquisitions, negotiation, product management, public relations, recruiting, sales, site/app design, software development, startup ideas.

For well-organized content on growing a company, I recommend: AskAnything.VC, Biztree, Failory,  Foundersuite (I’m an investor), First Round Search,, Goodwin Founders Workbench, GSV Passport,, Founder Library, Holloway, Lean Startup Stack, StartupRocket, Startupschool, and

I suggest you consider applying for some of the no-cost accelerators: Antler Launch Academy, Afore Capital accelerator; Human Ventures’ Humans in the Wild (future of work); Facebook/Plug and Play Accelerator for commerce companies; Startupschool.

One of the most common queries I hear from CEOs is service provider recommendations; I suggest explore Builtfirst, Clutch, Fundedbuy, Rocketplace, or Spotsource. For negotiation with providers, consider Alpaca VC shares their Master Agency List.


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