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Founding and Growing a Company

I’ve collected below some of my more popular essays on how to launch and grow a company. I list other free exhaustive resources for tech CEOs at the bottom.

1) Evaluate the environment and what experiments you will run.

How to identify technology trends for macro investors

The next great entrepreneurial opportunity: How to identify market white space (Video)

2) Build and assess your Minimum Viable Product.

– Ten experiments to test your new business hypothesis

– What geographies will you leverage and focus on?  See Why venture capitalists are investing in international startups.

3) Build your financial model.

Best practices in building financial models

Template financial model

Valuing startup employee options

4) Assemble the team.

Should you co-found a company with your friend? And how do you split the equity?

Recruiting hacks: How to woo and win the high performers (VIDEO)

– What is your culture?  See Design your company culture like the world’s largest hedge fund.

5) Raise capital.

Please don’t pitch a venture capitalist without this checklist

Shaking the money tree: Social media and other tools for raising capital (VIDEO)

The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online (a book I wrote)

An Investor’s Personal Social Media Tech Stack: In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 followers

Should you spend VC funding on a domain name?

How tech startups can get money and support from the Fortune 500

Free government money for your early-stage company

Free money for your impact tech startup

6) Choose your investors.

– To evaluate the right investor, see Beyond the money: Best practices of VCs in helping early-stage companies create value

7) Sell.

How to make sales as easy as online dating

8) Market

How to create buzz around your company

Free publicity for your company

What content should you promote where?

9) Manage the company.

How to run your company based on metrics: what, why, how, who, and when.  

Reinventing the Office: How to Lose Fat and Increase Productivity at Work

10) Work with investors.

How to manage your board meetings


For well-organized content on growing a company, I recommend: Biztree, Failory Foundersuite (I’m an investor), First Round Search, Goodwin Founders Workbench, GSV Passport,, High Output Founders Library, Holloway,, StartupRocket, Startupschool,, and Supermaker.

Free accelerators: Afore Capital accelerator.

One of the most common queries I hear from CEOs is service provider recommendations; I suggest explore Clutch, Rocketplace, or Spotsource