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Wall Street Alumni Unveil GoldNames, World’s First Investment Bank for Internet Domain Names .

(Jerusalem, Israel, August 14, 2000 – for immediate use)

GoldNames Unveils World’s First Investment Bank for Internet Domain Names Jerusalem, Israel – August 7, 2000

A team of Wall Street alumni today unveiled GoldNames, the world’s first investment bank for internet domain names. GoldNames is taking the traditional infrastructure of the equity, debt, currency, option and real estate markets, and rebuilding them for the asset class of internet domain names. The Company is primarily focused on domain names in the European languages, and includes natives of eighteen countries. GoldNames is based in Jerusalem, Israel.

David Teten, founder and CEO of GoldNames, observed, “Internet domain names, the real estate of the internet, are emerging as an asset class comparable to stocks, bonds, and real estate. GoldNames’ mission is to bring the professionalism, the technology, and the transactional expertise of investment banking to this new asset class.”

GoldNames helps companies to market more effectively by providing them with high quality domain names, particularly outside of the English language. Startups seeking new names; established corporations seeking names for potential products and subsidiaries; companies trying to expand internationally; and VCs with their portfolio companies are all eager to increase their exposure on the internet, and quality domain names help them to do that. GoldNames’ innovative multilingual domain name search engine allows for instant cross-language searches across thousands of domain names. Buyers of premium ($250K+) domain names have access to GoldNames’ M&A team, who will execute transactions on the client’s behalf. Through an alliance with, site visitors can easily register names in any of 22 countries.

Mr. Teten observed, “To build a blue-chip bank, we have recruited a team of blue-chip multinational professionals. Our 45-person team includes alumni of many of the world’s leading financial institutions: Bankers Trust, Bear Stearns, Citibank, County Natwest, Credit Suisse First Boston, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Moody’s Investors Service, Salomon Brothers, Shearson / American Express, and Sumitomo Bank. ”

Weldon Turner, COO (Israel) of GoldNames, and formerly a Director at Credit Suisse/First Boston, added, “Over the past five years, investing in English-language domain names has yielded exceptionally high returns. GoldNames expects that we will see the same dramatic explosion in values in the world of non-English domain names.” BACKGROUND: Founded in 1999, GoldNames, Inc. is the world’s first investment bank for internet domain names.

Credit Suisse Private Banking (Zurich) is currently managing GoldNames’ $US10 million second round private placement. GoldNames earns revenues from selling and leasing domain names from its corporate portfolio; from name registration, affiliate relationships, and advertising; and from offering automated advisory services for name transactions. In addition, GoldNames is developing software to exploit its expertise in multilingual domain names.

For additional information on GoldNames, visit
or call (in USA) [1] 1-877-626-3005,
or in Israel: [972] 2-571-6263.