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Seeking CEO+Cofounders for Spinoff of VC-Backed Startup, W. 36th St.

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– Do you have a great team but your product just isn’t working?
– Are you thinking of applying to Y Combinator without an idea?
– Does your team want to quit your day jobs and really kick-off a company?
– Would you like to have a salary from day one of your startup?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you should keep reading.

ff Venture Capital is creating a new, spin-off business from an existing company, and we need a team to take the reins.  Initially you will likely be working out of our co-working space on West 36th St., alongside our team and a few other portfolio companies, but will move out as the company grows.  Make no mistake, this will be your company: you will take complete control and will get an unusually high equity stake.

The Team:  We are looking for a team with a great pre-existing working relationship.  Although we are open to various configurations of 2-5 people, we envision a team built around: a CEO, reporting directly to the Board; a Product Manager to harden the vision; and an Engineer to make the magic.  Maybe you’ve gone through an accelerator together, or maybe you and your friends are working through an idea on nights and weekends.  No matter what the case, this is a great opportunity for a great team.  You should live in the New York tri-state area or be able to relocate and start working in a matter of weeks.

We strongly prefer a team that has a proven history working together for at least two years.  We will consider individual applicants (e.g., a CEO without a team) but prefer people who come with a team pre-assembled.

CEO: Ideally a successful serial entrepreneur who has taken a startup from Series A all the way to an exit.  However, we’ll consider first-time CEOs.  You must have 5 years experience directly managing a team.   You must have experience in a startup environment, e.g., launching a new business line or working for a fast-growth company.  You must have a strong product management pedigree.   Given the size of the company, we emphasize this is a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves role.  If you’re a hands-off manager, or if you plan to allocate more than 0.1% of your time to speaking at conferences, then you’re not a good fit for this job.  If your background is primarily strategy consulting or banking, please do not apply.

Product Manager: Experience building a consumer-facing product for ‘normals’, not the technorati.  Belief in the Edward Tufte school of communication.  Must have at least 3 years managerial experience.

Head of Engineering:  Strong experience with B2C businesses.

About ff Venture Capital ( http:/ ) : We are one of the most active early-stage investors in New York.  Since 1999, our partners have made over 150 investments in over 55 companies.  Among our most successful seed investments that have reached maturity are Cornerstone OnDemand (which raised $137m in a March 2011 IPO, ticker CSOD) and Quigo Technologies (sold to AOL for a reported $340m in 2007).  We expect that initially you will likely work out of our “fitness office” at 36th and 6th.

How to Apply:
Send an email to Ryan Armbrust, ryan+foundingteam(@), with the following information:
– detailed resumes of the entire team, including your online identity (personal website, LinkedIn,, etc.)
– How long you each have worked together, and in what capacity
– How quickly you could start
– Compensation expectations.  The company is already funded and can readily pay market salaries.  However, if you have the financial flexibility to work for a below-market amount, we can be much more generous in equity.

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