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Invitation to Lunch and Investor Feedback Meeting/Charity Auctions

The United Charities Building at 287 Park Aven...

I get more requests for meetings than I can handle.  I’d like to say it’s because of my great insights and dashing looks, but really it’s because we give away money for a living.

As a way to try to respond to these requests, I’ve donated my time to a few charities which are auctioning off lunches and feedback meetings with me.  Specifically:

Congregation Ramath Orah Annual Dinner, June 7, 2015 / NYC.  Bid online here.

Urban Tech 20th Anniversary Gala Awards Dinner, June 17, 2015 / NYC.  Bid online here.

If you’re interested in meeting with me, having your business plan evaluated, and supporting a worthwhile cause, please consider attending these events and/or visiting the online auction pages to make a bid. Also, please be in touch if you have any ideas for other charities to which I could donate a lunch.

(The United Charities Building at 287 Park Avenue South in Manhattan, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia))

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