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Working with universities and with students

I meet with a lot of people from the academic world, so I thought it would be helpful to summarize how I typically work with universities.  My main goals are: to understand the cutting edge of new disciplines; meet potential founders/employees; and also to help the broader technology and research community.  The main ways I am interested in working with the academic world:

    • Present on campus as a guest speaker.
      I have presented at universities including Columbia Business School, UC Berkeley Haas, National University of Singapore, New York University, Technion Israel Institute of Technology MBA Program, Wharton School, and Yale School of Management.  I’ve posted here my presentations to founders and to students specifically.
    • Partner with students to execute research on topics of mutual interest.
      For example, in 2011-12 I worked with a team of three Columbia MBAs (past and future McKinsey and BCG consultants) on a research study on “Best Practices of Venture Capitalists in Increasing the Value of Portfolio Companies.”  I provided research materials, guidance, and introductions to interviewees (VCs, entrepreneurs, accelerators, etc.)  We published the paper in the Journal of Private Equity and numerous other influential media.  The students got an A, and the paper was the most-read paper in the Journal for the year following publication.  Students benefit from addressing real life business challenges, the opportunity to get published, and exposure to potential employers who get to see these potential employees/ entrepreneurs in action.  Learn more about other research I’d like to pursue with students here.
    • Informally advise some university-based angel group initiatives.
      I view Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, now the largest angel group on the East Coast by headcount, as a template for what other schools and organizations can build.  I am talking with several universities/organizations who want to launch parallel angel initiatives.

    I welcome new ideas on how to work with the university community!

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