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High-impact marketing idea for education company targeting students 17-25

I have a high-impact marketing idea for an education company targeting high school seniors through grad students.  Any ideas?

I’m going to publish soon a book tentatively titled “Hack your Education: How to Squeeze Maximum Value from College or Graduate School”.  I’ve posted below a webinar and a presentation summarizing the book. I started writing the book as a Yale junior, and I’ve been been taking notes and expanding the book since then. I recruited as coauthor Mandee Heller Adler (Penn/HBS grad), who runs International College Counselors, one of the US’s biggest college counseling businesses.

We are basing the book on interviews we conducted of graduates from Yale, Harvard Business School, Penn, and other leading universities, asking them questions like, “What is the best thing you did to leverage your education? What would you have done differently? What is your advice for someone just starting your program?” We’ve now written over 29,000 words, covering among other topics: career acceleration, time optimization, and selective short-term learning programs and scholarships.

We’ve done all the work, and we each have a significant marketing platform. But, we think that the book will reach a much broader audience if we partner with a company in the education space.  For example, we could title the book, “The [Pearson] Guide to Hacking Your Education.” We’d weave [Pearson]’s offerings into the book content, and then all work together to market the book.

The ideal corporate partner has:

  • An existing brand that is strong in our target market, age 17-25
  • Significant marketing budget and infrastructure to which the book could be added
  • A receptivity to new ideas

If you know any companies who might like to partner with us, please contact  me.

Thanks so much!




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