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Should you co-found a company with your friend? And how do you split the equity?

If you’re talking with cofounders about launching a new business, you’re fundamentally recruiting someone to take the job of partnering with you for the next decade.  I see a lot of founders who do less due diligence than I think ideal before making that long-term commitment. Just knowing one another for a long time is...

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How to ensure everyone agrees on the contract you just signed

When we negotiate a deal, the paperwork is intended to document the deal.  If necessary, the paperwork is supposed to ensure that all parties keep their commitments. But I admit it: I’m paranoid.  How do I ensure enforceability?  We are investing millions of dollars based on a few pieces of paper, a feat only possible...

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How to negotiate a partner role at a VC or private equity firm (or recruit a Partner)

This is part of a series on building your career in venture capital: Reading list for working in private equity/venture capital, including all of the major online communities, programs, and educational options for people studying VC How to win consulting, board, operating, and investment roles with private equity and venture capital funds (video) How to...

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