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Review of new software tools for managing your contact database

I recently had the chance to play with the latest versions of several software packages which I use heavily: Act! by Best Software; eGrabber by eGrabber Inc.; and Cardscan from Cardscan, Inc. Disclosure: these companies were kind enough to send me sample copies of their latest models. ACT! 2005 for Windows is a comprehensive tool...

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What Can We Learn from Network Marketing?

From my latest column with Scott Allen,What Can We Learn from Network Marketing?: Network marketing, or multi-level marketing, is one of the fastest-growing business models of the past few decades. Between 1993 and 2003, total direct selling revenues grew by 7.1% annually, dramatically above the rate of growth of the economy — and of...

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The Next Generation of Contact Management Software

For my new Fast Company column, my coauthor Scott Allen and I had a chance to have a conversation with Greg Head, ACT!’s former General Manager, about the need for increased privacy, interoperability, and personal responsibility as contact management and social networking software converge:  Contact management software will always be centered around a database of...

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