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Should you co-found your company with a software development shop (1 of 2)?

You’ve got an amazing idea. You’ve got everything it takes to bring a start-up from nothing to something that really makes a dent in the universe. … and if you’re like most of today’s startups -- you need to get an app in the hands of customers. Once customers love your app and you show [...continue reading]

How To Hire An Outsourced Web Designer And Survive The Process

Last week I had a chance to interview Kyle Stalzer, President at Tackk (a portfolio company of my firm, ff Venture Capital), about an issue that’s top of mind for a lot of our companies: How to Recruit an A-Quality Designer for Your Company.  This week, I’ll discuss the second-choice alternative: [...continue reading]

How To Recruit A Great Designer For Your Company

ff Venture Capital just invested in Tackk, a new platform which allows you to creatively share anything on the web with no barriers to creation. The editing experience is amazingly simple.  Despite the robust capabilities, users can effortlessly create and style their pages without any learning [...continue reading]

I’ve made all the content on this blog identifiable by category

I've been maintaining this blog for almost a decade, and a lot of helpful content is now hard to find because I had been lax about tagging it with categories. So, I've just added categories for all of my past blog posts, which you can see in the right column. This should make old content much more [...continue reading]

Redesign of and

Assembling a WordPress Website My mother Carol Teten and I met Daniella Norwood, the owner of ella j designs, and her husband Brian Bigda at a Lean Startup Machine weekend at which I was a judge.  She did a great job redesigning my mother’s site,, so I hired her to do a [...continue reading]

Seeking WordPress Designer for my sites

I'm seeking an experienced Wordpress designer for both my personal use and for our portfolio companies; any suggestions? I want to upgrade two sites: - (my personal site) -, the marketing site for my book, The Virtual Handshake. These sites are [...continue reading]

Need Site Developer for Ecommerce Site, with Joomla expertise

A company I advise is  looking for a site developer; does anyone have any ideas? Primary Job Responsibilities We are looking for a part-time site developer to help migrate a Joomla and Virtuemart-based  Ecommerce site to a new server, and to perform ongoing maintenance and improvement of the [...continue reading]

Case study: Rebuilding our site

During 2009, we rebuilt from scratch the,, and sites.  Paxcel has done a great job since then maintaining and updating our sites.  I wanted to share our process, so asked Mandeep Dang, Project Manager of Paxcel, to write a summary of what we did. [...continue reading]