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11 Ideas to Organize an Event Family Offices Want to Attend

Lots of event planners and anyone raising capital want to attract family offices. But how?   I’ve identified a range of best practices that I’ve seen other organizations use in serving the family office community, in roughly declining order of impact: 1. Advertise that the event is strictly gated to family offices, and detail how you...

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How to organize a conference (and panels) that add value

As part of being a VC, I speak at a fair number of conferences. I summarize here my counsel on how to organize a conference that creates value: How to Keep the People Attending Your Conference Alive CB Insights’ Conference Rant How to Run a Tech Conference I find the most common error at conferences...

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How to keep the people attending your event alive (updated for COVID)

Do you organize events?  Do you like your attendees alive? Event organizers like their attendees to be energetic, enthusiastic, and preferably, alive.  In a post-COVID era, event organizers have a particular responsibility to minimize disease transmission. Not to mention, you’re going to get a lot more attendees if they are not concerned your event is a...

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