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Find-A-Human: How to Circumvent Voice-Jail

The Find-a-Human database is a public collection of touch-tone recipes that get you through big companies' voice-jail systems and through to a live operator. Add your own! Find-A-Human -- IVR Cheat Sheet Via BoingBoing [...continue reading]

360 Review process for CEOs

Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path (which just launched a new blog) wrote a useful summary of the 360-degrees executive review process he uses for himself. [...continue reading]

Writing sensible email messages

The reliably worth-reading Merlin Mann crafts some more useful tips on Writing sensible email messages. His points also apply well to blog posts. EOM ("End of Message"). [...continue reading]

How to Email SMS to a Cellphone

From Katrina Resources - a Very Unofficial List, via BoingBoing: "Don't have an SMS-ready cellphone yourself? You can e-mail from a computer to an SMS-capable phone. Here's E-mail to SMS addressing for major carriers:"  # Cingular  # [...continue reading]

How to Write Like Dave Barry

I admit it, Dave Barry is one of the funniest writers I've ever read. For a great summary of some of the tricks of his trade, see How to Write Like Dave Barry. [...continue reading]

Tricks of the Trade–for Email Communications

From Target Marketing Magazine (7/1/05): "Tricks of the Trade", By Regina Brady Are your e-mail recipients only seeing half of your subject line? Is your e-newsletter being flagged as spam? Here's a handy guide to some of my favorite online sites and utilities that should help you in your e-mail [...continue reading]

Meet-O-Matic: Super-simple meeting scheduler

You might like Meet-O-Matic,. a very simple, easy-to-use, no log-in required, automated meeting scheduler. It's an excellent example of how a single-use device (e.g., a digital camera) can trump a multi-use device with lots of bells and whistles (e.g., a cameraphone). [...continue reading]

High-volume email management

Venture capitalist Christian Mayaud, like me a follower of the Getting Things Done philosophy, posts his dream system for high-volume email management, , using technologies available today. [...continue reading]