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Teten family invests in infant startup, “NewBo” or “Peanut”

New York, NY --- The Teten Family is proud to announce that we just finalized our investment in a seed-stage startup, temporarily operating under the name “NewBo” or “Peanut”.  We are now looking for a dot-com domain name for our corporate website.  We plan to announce the official name for the [...continue reading]

ff Venture Capital Holiday Video 2012, with in-office workout

We would like to wish you Happy Holidays from ff Venture Capital! This video gives you a sense of our "fitness office" during the holidays. If you are not familiar with photography memes like "ff-ing", you might want to look at some related memes: planking, batmanning, and owling. There's [...continue reading]

Exclusive: Announcing a Startup that Brings More Efficient Government to the US and Other Countries

I’m exceptionally excited to announce that I’m now Chairman and lead investor with some other angels in a new company, Spright Governance Inc. Spright is a spinoff of the Singaporean government, which will leverage their proven expertise and technology to run other cities, states, and nations [...continue reading]

Free comics from the Federal Reserve: economics, banking, foreign trade, etc.

My wife and I just ordered some comic books from the Federal Reserve on topics that we think our children should learn about: - banking - monetary policy - currency - barter - checks and electronic payments - and most important to their future (sadly), inflation These comic books are useful [...continue reading]

Dilbert deserves the economics Nobel

Quietly hidden in [Scott] Adams' groundbreaking work is a financial formula so simple it rivals Einstein's E=mc2. In its original form Adams' formula was apparently so heretical and so explosive that no major house would touch it when he proposed publishing it as a one-page book. After initial [...continue reading]

Dealbreaker/Bullpen Report

For the lighter side of Wall Street, check out: "DealBreaker is an online business tabloid and Wall Street gossip blog. It seeks to cover the personalities and culture that shape the financial industry, offering original commentary, news and [...continue reading]

How to Write Like Dave Barry

I admit it, Dave Barry is one of the funniest writers I've ever read. For a great summary of some of the tricks of his trade, see How to Write Like Dave Barry. [...continue reading]

Creators of Lowbrow Bullpen Report have Street laughing

Creators of lowbrow Bullpen Report have Street laughing: "'So lowbrow it should be waxed,' but Street is chucklingBy David Weidner, MarketWatch"The financial community has produced its own comic material at times, such as companies not 'admitting or denying any wrongdoing' or Dick Grasso's [...continue reading]