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Seeking Interns for Launch of New Internet Startup

We are seeking 1-3 volunteer interns (graduate or undergraduate) who would like to be part of the founding team for an Internet startup. This is an ideal project for a current or recently graduated student who is interested in learning more about social media, Web 2.0 technologies, and how to build [...continue reading]

Earn More Consulting Revenue from Expert Networks

A number of friends have asked me how to increase the amount of money they're earning as consultants from the major expert networks, eg., Atheneum Partners, AlphaSights, Dialectica, CAPVision, Coleman Research Group, GLG, Guidepoint, Insight Alpha, Lynk Global, Maven Research, Kingfish Group [...continue reading]

Execunet Webinar: Consulting Opportunities with Hedge Funds, VC Funds, and Others

I hope that some of you will join us for the program below. CONSULTING OPPORTUNITIES WITH HEDGE FUNDS, PRIVATE EQUITY FUNDS, MUTUAL FUNDS AND OTHERS Webinar with David Teten, Co-Managing Director, Nitron Circle of Experts Friday, June 08, 2007, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST Sponsored by Execunet, [...continue reading]

10 Job-hunt tactics you might not know

From the "brazen careerist", 10 Job-hunt tactics you might not know:2. Use proactive recommendations. Instead of waiting for a hiring manager to ask for references, have your reference call immediately. This works well if you have a heavy-weight reference, like a well-known CEO or someone who [...continue reading]

Guaranteed way to make money (and cause the government to lose money)

Don't be so quick to try to get rid of your extra change. For the first time since the composition of the penny was changed to make zinc the primary component, Josh Wolfe reports that the raw materials that constitute pennies and nickels are worth more than the monetary value assigned to them by [...continue reading]

Getting a Venture Capital Job: Fighting Upstream

(This was originally written in 2002-03, but still relevant today.) Getting a VC job: fighting upstream By Mark Cicirelli Mcicirelli(at) I have compiled what I hope are helpful observations from my job search since finishing my MBA this June.  Be warned that my advice is most [...continue reading]

New federal rules will make job hunting online trickier

New federal rules will make job hunting online trickierFederal regulations kick in today that will make Internet job hunting more complicated. Here's what candidates need to know and change -- now. link...Via Jim Conley [...continue reading]

World Economic Forum: Master's Program in Global Leadership

For a certain type of person, this is definitely a dream job:The World Economic Forum is selecting 30 exceptionally talented individuals to join its organization on a three-year Master's Programme in Global Leadership. The 2006 class will start next September. As a Global Leadership Fellow, you [...continue reading]

The 10 qualities Interviewers look for when interviewing

Joe Hodowanes highlights "The 10 qualities interviewers look for when interviewing". [...continue reading]

Top 20 Things Recruiters Hate About Resumes

Top 20 Things Recruiters Hate About Resumes. [...continue reading]

Finding a job with online networks/consulting with Circle of Experts

Jim Stroud, a recruiter at Microsoft, author, and blogger, has podcasted two interviews with me. The first podcast is about how to use online networks for the job search, and the second podcast is about consulting opportunities with the Nitron Advisors Circle of Experts. [...continue reading]

Writing resumes for the web

How to write keyword-rich electronic resumes how to write electronic resumes that scan well and are easy to post to resume banks are many more resume articles at [...continue reading]

Seeking Interns for Book Marketing/PR: Blogs, Social Software, Online Networks

We are seeking interns this summer/fall who would like to work on the marketing campaign for our new book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online, and for our resource website, This is ideal for a college or MBA student interested in a full-time or [...continue reading]

For those seeking corporate board positions

James Brannick writes: A few weeks back I had asked if anyone knew of a clearinghouse for those seeking board positions. So far, this is what I received:National Association of Corporate Directors. There are numerous regional sub groups. Board Options Stybel Peabody Directorship Search Group in [...continue reading]