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How to Write a Resume that Recruiting Software can Process

My colleague Paul Arnold pointed me to the Sovren Group's article on "How to Ensure that Recruiting Software Can Read Your Resume". This is a must-read for anyone seeking a new job.UPDATE: That article seems to have been taken down. Here are some other links:How to write keyword-rich [...continue reading]

On the silliness of job interviews and what job interviews really tell us

On the silliness of job interviews, what job interviews really tell us, and how to get Steve Ballmer to recruit you [...continue reading]

How to get hired at Microsoft/innovative use of blogs for recruiting

from Scott Allen:Heather Hamilton, a senior recruiter for marketing talent at Microsoft, just did one of the most unusual recruiting ideas we've ever seen. Heather has asked her readers to link to this post from their blog resumes, and she'll check out the resumes by reviewing her referrals. The [...continue reading]

Blogs and the job search

Eilene Zimmerman of the NY Times has a new article on blogs and the job search.In general, the categories of blog that I suggest a job-seeker might investigate: - employer blogs, to learn about an employer and its industry (Microsoft : ) - writer/entrepreneur/recruiter [...continue reading]

Skeptical Resume Reader Tells How He Really Thinks

Skeptical Resume Reader Tells How He Really Thinks [...continue reading]

The Top 10 Blunders Of Online Job Hunters

In addition to these tips:CareerJourna: The Top 10 Blunders Of Online Job Hunters i would add:+ Use simple text formatting in your resume: one font size, minimal table usage, no italics, no shadowing, and no graphics. Resumes are often read on a word processing system different than yours, and fancy [...continue reading]

Creating a Culturally Correct CV > Creating a Culturally Correct CValso see this short Resume Checklist [...continue reading]

More on the topic of how to find peoples' email addresses

Joe Bartling of responded to the last post about how to brainstorm the email address of someone you do not know in a company:"Using this is like carpetbombing leaflets without regard for the environment below, otherwise known as SP-MMING. I've found that a more effective way of [...continue reading]

Generate email addresses for people at a targeted company.

Alex Monty of Strategic Sourcing LLC has created a no-cost spreadsheet which generates all possible email addresses for a person, once you enter that person's full name and corporate URL. This is useful when you want to email someone but do not know his/her email address.Download here: [...continue reading]

Ask These 10 Questions Before Taking a Job

Ask These 10 Questions Before Taking a Job [...continue reading]

New job for you?/seeking midtown office space

I thought that some of you on the list may be interested in taking on a new job. A number of my clients are seeking to hire people with backgrounds in sales, finance, creative/graphic arts, advertising, HR, and in some other sectors. All openings are posted at . [...continue reading]

E-Mail Lists Unite Job Hunters To Provide Support and Leads

CareerJournal | E-Mail Lists Unite Job Hunters To Provide Support and Leads [...continue reading]

Wall St. Journal "Situations Wanted" ads–Efficacy Analysis

Michael K. LorelliDarien, CT Office: (203) 655 - 2444MikLorelli@aol.comTo: Fellow Brain Food Readers Date: April 27th, 2004From: Mike Lorellire: Wall St. Journal "Situations Wanted" ads--Efficacy AnalysisI ran a situations wanted' ad in the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday national edition of The [...continue reading]

Seven Tips for Smarter Compensation Negotiation

So you've gotten a job offer. Now you start the delicate process of negotiating. How should you go about it? [...continue reading]