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New Tool for Corporate Hackers: Google

'Google Hacking' Digs Up Sensitive Material---how people are using Google to find all sorts of confidential information. [...continue reading]

Pricenoia – Get the best prices on books, the international way!

There are six international Amazon stores. You may think that ordering from the nearest Amazon would be cheaper, but it isn't in many cases. This is what you get when you search on Pricenoia:" * We search for the price of a single book in every store in its local currency * We show you all [...continue reading]

Financial Management Training Center—no cost courses

Check out Financial Management Training CenterThis is a collection of finance courses. All courses are free and accessible from the web page. Course 1: Evaluating Financial Performance pdf | exe file | word - A concise overview of using ratios to evaluate financial performance. Supplemental [...continue reading]

The Urbach Letter

I recommend the useful content at The Urbach Letter. [...continue reading]