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Teten family invests in infant startup, “NewBo” or “Peanut”

New York, NY --- The Teten Family is proud to announce that we just finalized our investment in a seed-stage startup, temporarily operating under the name “NewBo” or “Peanut”.  We are now looking for a dot-com domain name for our corporate website.  We plan to announce the official name for the [...continue reading]

Recent books: paleo, angel investing, mediation, and career acceleration

I read a few books over the last year that I thought were worth highlighting/recommending:The book that has had the most practical impact on my life was The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health, by John Durant.  This is a thoughtful analysis and explication of the “paleo” or [...continue reading]

The tiger mom vs. serious research on how to be a good parent

Like a lot of our peers, my wife and I read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Professor Amy Chua’s explanation of her aggressive “Tiger Mom” “Chinese” approach to parenting.  She makes a strong argument for being a ‘tiger mother’, though her argument is based 100% on anecdote, not data. [...continue reading]

The real reasons adults love to give kids sugar

The world rains sugar on my children.The bus driver offers my child bubble gum.The teachers offer a cupcake for every birthday party.The school vending machine is full of junk food; so is the one at the Y.At camp, the counselors offer candy and a freeze pop at the end of the day..and [...continue reading]

Guaranteed Process: How to Get Married This Year

I’m giving a talk this weekend at Limmud NY and then in a month at Limmud FSU on "Investment Banking in the Marriage Market: Find Your Dream Spouse without the Drama". In this presentation,  I take the same standard process that works for sales, raising capital, and sourcing deals, and apply it to [...continue reading]

Surprise gift for your spouse or partner

 As part of joining ff, I’ve moved as much of my personal technology stack over to our portfolio companies as possible.  I switched from to for managing my personal telephony.One of the useful features of is that I can customize an unlimited number of [...continue reading]

Bubble Sort for Dating

 HBO is now producing TV shows about sleazy VC dating habits, and the New York Times, clearly responding to the internet’s desire for quality journalism, just ran a piece on Silicon Valley’s most eligible bachelors (although 3 are already paired up, according to Betabeat).Given how the [...continue reading]

Online Dating is the Future of Your Business

I gave a talk today as part of TEDx Silicon Valley on "Online Dating is the Future of Your Business". Here's the video and an expanded version of the slide deck.In the talk I discuss how some of the successful online dating startups are models for new businesses, many of which in various ways [...continue reading]

Looks Do Matter

Daniel Akst has a fascinating piece on how much, and how, Looks do matter. The best observation:Although looks in mating still matter much more to men than to women, the importance of appearance appears to be rising on both sides of the gender divide. In a fascinating cross-generational study of [...continue reading]

Five Rules for Balancing Business and Friendship

From RLI Corp. Vice President, Executive Products Group, A. Q. "Skip" Orza: 1. Never renege on your handshake. Multimillion-dollar, complex deals are sealed by handshakes or verbal agreements on the phone, and you live by them. If you don't honor them on paper afterward, you'll lose longstanding [...continue reading]

What's love worth? Try $100k

Money Magazine reports that a happy marriage is worth $100k /year.After 2 years of marriage, I can only say this is a ridiculously low estimate of the value of a spouse.Happy Valentine's Day! [...continue reading]

The Keys to Building Trust

The Keys to Building TrustTrust can be hard to gain and easy to lose. In all matters of trust, actions always speak louder than words, says Stever Robbins. [...continue reading]

What Lovers Tell Us About Persuasion

HBS Working Knowledge: Leadership: What Lovers Tell Us About Persuasion [...continue reading]

How to get into the world's most exclusive restaurants

how to get into the world's most exclusive restaurants with a little "tip" [...continue reading]