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18 ways to make your financial model stand out to investors

The median investor looking at your proposal is in her 40s.  Her eyes are going, not to mention her brain.  I look at a lot of spreadsheets and analytic reports, and way too many are difficult to read and therefore hard to understand. In an effort to make my life easier, I’ve summarized here the [...continue reading]

Ten experiments to test your new business hypothesis

You know that a new idea has gained dominance when it becomes practically a cliché.  That is what I’ve seen happen with the “Lean Startup” philosophy of viewing your startup as a scientific experiment in search of a business model.  This started as a new idea, then became popularized, and now people [...continue reading]

Jobs for the autistic/creating a new business

I recently learned about an entrepreneur with a very clever business model: Thorkil Sonne, founder of Danish software testing company Specialisterne.  The 55-person firm's clients include CSC, Microsoft, and Oracle. Specialisterne claims to be the world's first company focused on leveraging the [...continue reading]

Business Models in User Generated Media

Tomorrow morning I'll be speaking at on Business Models in User Generated Media. I have attached a DRAFT of my talk below. I'd be grateful for any feedback readers might have. In particular, I'm trying to get rough revenue estimates for each of the categories below. [...continue reading]

Twelve Business Models Around Blog Technologies

Twelve Business Models Around Blog Technologies Here's a summary of my presentation Wednesday morning at iBreakfast: The Business of Blogging Overview I. Traditional Non-Media Businesses Leveraging Blogs II. Traditional Media Businesses Using Blogs III. Selling Blog [...continue reading]

How to Calculate Lifetime Customer Value

How to Calculate Lifetime Customer ValueSee for background, and for a very detailed calculator.courtesy of Jeremy KaganJeremy Kagan is a New York City-based entrepreneur and [...continue reading]