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How to get world class experts to support your company

As the former CEO of a professional expert network, I’m a firm believer in the value of speedy access to relevant experts.  I was excited to see that GLG (formerly Gerson Lehrman Group), the industry leader, is now offering a professional network service geared to the needs of the startup community: [...continue reading]

Investing in Stock Markets with Social Network Analysis

Federico Colecchia, a network researcher at ATALAB, wrote to the SOCNET mailing list: "I am looking for recent/ongoing research on application of social network analysis technologies to analysis of stock values." (He works as a researcher and R&D coordinator for development of [...continue reading]

Mapping the Culture of an Online Community

This paper from Patrick Lambe on "Mapping the Culture of an Online Community" is a great overview of the sort of characters that inhabit almost any online community (and many offline communities). When reading it, I suggest ask yourself: which character are you, and which character do you aspire [...continue reading]

Sources of power in social networks

Traditionally, power in a company came from one's title, or formal authority. But in a modern organization, power can come from many other sources. Harvard Business School Professor Linda Hill breaks down the sources of business power as follows (Linda Hill, Power Dynamics in Organizations [...continue reading]

On structural holes and closed networks

More thoughts from the research I'm doing for my book on structural holes and closed networks: In some cases, you can benefit by being in a highly interconnected network, one in which there are virtually no structural holes . This is a "closed network", "in which everyone is connected such that [...continue reading]

On structural holes in your business relationships

I am in the final stages of writing a book on building quality business relationships online. Occasionally I will blog here some of my research and thoughts on this topic, drawing on my work for the book. I welcome your feedback on any of the material that I post. Some thoughts on structural [...continue reading]

How Org Charts Lie

Rob Cross, whom I met at the KM Forum a few months ago, has just released (through Harvard Business School Press) his new book, "The Hidden Power of Social Networks" (coauthored with Andrew Parker). You can download from the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge Newsletter an excerpt on why [...continue reading]

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