Charity Auction: Pitch Your Business to NY Angels and Golden Seeds

Would you like to have a private lunch with Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, and Deborah Jackson, Managing Director of Golden Seeds (and me)?

I’m not eligible anymore for bachelor auctions (actually, my price would have been pretty low if I ever even had tried), but I have hit the auction block to help raise funds for a great charity.  The office of G.C. Andersen Partners will host the winning bidder for lunch followed by two pitch meetings with the three of us. See more details here: . Bidding is open through February 28th and the highest bidder wins; the current price is $2,050.

All proceeds from the auction will support the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund, an organization that supports community-based programs that service New York’s marginalized populations through the investment of time, money and compassion.  Good luck and happy bidding!

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