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Convertible Note or Equity? Practicing Law Institute Webinar

The Practising Law Institute hosted Dror Futter of SorinRand and me for a webinar last week on “Before Series A – Convertible Note and Series Seed Funding for Startups”.  I’ve embedded the slide deck below, and you can listen to the webinar ($129) here. (Dror is a lawyer and I’m not, so you can imagine who did all of the work of preparing this webinar.  I was there just to provide the business perspective.)

If you prefer reading over listening, I suggest review these pertinent articles:

Convertible Notes: great cars, bad vehicles (by John Frankel, Founder, ff Venture Capital)

Considering Convertible Debt? Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Why Convertible Notes Are Sometimes Terrible For Startups

Convertible Note Seed Financings: Founders Beware!

Photo credit: 500px.

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