Evalueserve acquires Nitron Circle of Experts

Evalueserve Ltd.

I’m happy to report that Evalueserve has acquired Nitron Circle of Experts. I originally met with some of the senior management at EVS because I was recruiting them to consult for some clients. That conversation led to another conversation, and another, which led to an offer, which led to an acquisition.

I plan to continue running Circle of Experts with my partner Scott Lichtman, now with a much larger platform in the emerging markets.  Evalueserve has been a rocket ship of a company, and a perfect fit for our long-term strategy for Circle of Experts.

Both our clients and our experts will benefit from this relationship. Clients will get access to the largest knowledge process outsourcing company, with 1,800 people in India, China, and Chile. Experts will see increased consultation volume from a wide range of clients.

We have already launched an Indian expert network, which should be of particular interest to any readers who are investing or doing business in India. We have also launched a Media Source Center, a service to provide a very small number of elite journalists with free access to high quality media sources, for stories related to the emerging markets. If you know any journalists covering the emerging markets, they are welcome to contact us to apply for this service.

UPDATE: Integrity Research wrote about the acquisition.


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