ff Venture Capital profiled in Creative Workspaces Magazine

ff Venture Capital was recently profiled in The Roger, an online magazine that profiles creative workspaces. The feature, titled “Fitness Financed: Motion, Margin, Risk & Reward,” offers an inside look into ff VC’s 5,000 square-foot “fitness office”.

The twelve-page spread has beautiful photos of some of our “healthy office” practices, including Pilates balls to replace traditional chairs, standing desks, and juggling balls. You can see some of our employees working around the office – including Ryan ArmbrustFelicia Streater, and the Parse.ly team that works out of our space.

Our office perfectly exemplifies one of our theses as a firm, which is the value of complementary perspectives and experience.  My Partner John Frankel has a strong interest in interior design/graphics.  The office reflects his views on colors, preference in glass, and even the color coordination between the green plants in dirt and our green and brown logo.  The office also reflects my obsession with maximizing fitness. You can read about all the subtleties of how we designed our office to promote fitness here.


Thanks to the Roger Mag for their interest in our space!

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