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Financial Management Training Center—no cost courses

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This is a collection of finance courses. All courses are free and accessible from the web page.

Course 1: Evaluating Financial Performance pdf | exe file | word – A concise overview of using ratios to evaluate financial performance. Supplemental Material => Excel Workbook (Courses 1 & 2)

Course 2: Financial Planning & Forecasting pdf | exe file | word – The basic components of financial planning and forecasting.

Course 3: Capital Budgeting Analysis pdf | exe file | word – How to analyze and select long-term investment projects. Supplemental Material => Excel Workbook

Course 4: Managing Cash Flow pdf | exe file | word – Basic activities that comprise cash flow management.

Course 5: Managing Risk – The basic steps necessary for managing risk. Supplemental Material => Intro to VAR | VAR Risk Models

Course 6: The Management of Capital pdf | exe file | word – Capital structures, cost of capital and other related concepts.

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Course 7: Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 1) pdf | exe file | word – Basic concepts, legal considerations, due diligence, etc.

Course 7: Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 2) pdf | exe file | word Financial analysis, valuation of target companies, post merger integration, and anti-takeover defenses.

Course 8: Creating Value through Financial Management pdf | exe file | word – Concepts related to value-creation such as Economic Value Added and Value-Based Management.

Course 9: Advanced Concepts in Financial Management – Intellectual Capital, Data Warehousing, etc. (To be developed)

Course 10: Strategic Planning pdf | exe file | word – The basic process and steps for developing a complete strategic plan. Supplemental Materials => Assessment Templates

Course 11: The Balanced Scorecard pdf | exe file | word – Overall understanding of how to develop a Balanced Scorecard. Supplemental Materials => Templates | PowerPoint | Case Study

Course 12: Competitive Intelligence (Part 1 Introductory) – The basic components of competitive intelligence. Supplemental Material => PowerPoint

Course 12: Competitive Intelligence (Part 2 Advanced) – CI Systems, Analytical Models, and other specific techniques. (To be developed)

Course 13: Going Public pdf | exe file | word – The basic process for taking a company public through an Initial Public Offering. Supplemental Materials => Timeline | Survival Guide | Officer Questions | IPO Outline | Prospectus Example | SEC Handbook

Course 14: Activity Based Costing – How to implement Activity Based Costing (To be developed)

Course 15: Creating Value in the Nonprofit Sector pdf | exe file | word – Applying value-based management to nonprofit and non-governmental organizations. Supplemental Materials => Logic Model Manual | Strategic Planning Manual | Social Entrepreneurship from SNPO

Course 16: Financial Modeling – An introduction to concepts associated with financial modeling, including examples using Microsoft Excel. (To be developed)

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