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HBS Angels Healthcare Night

If you’re a healthcare-focused VC or angel who has made at least 3 investments in the trailing year, please contact me if you’d like to attend our upcoming Harvard Business School Angels pitch night on February 29, co-hosted with the HBS Healthcare Alumni Association. The evening is sponsored by a Fortune 500 medical technology company.

This is the first industry-specific HBS Angels pitch night.  We are planning numerous others, in partnership with some major companies.  If you’re interested in sponsoring a pitch night geared around your company’s interests, please be in touch.

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We invite you to join HBS Angels of Greater New York for a set of presentations by 7 high-potential young healthcare companies on the evening of Wednesday, February 29, in midtown Manhattan.  You will be able to meet privately with these companies later in the evening.

This evening is exclusively for members of the HBS Angels of Greater New York. HBSANY members are required to be accredited investors (per SEC regulations) and are expected to agree to the terms of the HBSANY Membership Agreement. Please note that we expect our members to invest at least $25,000/year in early-stage investments, although there is no contractual commitment to do so.

Presenting Companies:

Axiomed ( has a 2nd generation Total Disc Replacement (TDR) product that holds promise to improve outcomes for the millions of people that suffer from degenerative disc disease.  Unlike 1st generation discs, their discs have an elastomeric core that provides a more natural range of motion, and have already received CE mark in Europe and are in clinical trials in the U.S.

C8 Sciences ( markets web-delivered cognitive development programs based on Yale IP of integrated computer and physical exercises. Based on proven neuroscience “brain plasticity,” its product is designed to improve the learning ability of elementary school children and has particular value with under-prepared children, including those with ADHD.

Cell>Point ( is a late-stage biotech-molecular imaging and therapeutics company with strong IP.  EC-G has moved into Phase 3 trials for lung cancer imaging and preparing to move into Phase 1 trials for its therapeutic for Aggressive Type B Lymphoma.

Docphin ( is the Bloomberg for doctors. The company aggregates a tremendous amount of medical news and research and personalizes it into a user friendly experience. In an environment that includes over a thousand medical journals with content that is increasingly complex and fragmented, physicians have grown tired of searching for relevant news. Docphin was created to address the “find” problem which has challenged physicians for decades.

Lakewood-Amedex ( is a development stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing a diverse portfolio of broad-spectrum anti-bacterials, anti-virals, and targeted therapeutics.  NuBiotics are a synthetic broad spectrum first in class group of anti-bacterial compounds that represent a first line of defense against the increasing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Meals to Heal ( provides a comprehensive and integrated range of services designed to meet the pervasive nutritional needs of cancer patients and caregivers: home delivery of nutritious meals customized to each patient’s specific nutritional side effects supplied by a high quality food provider, evidence-based website content regarding cancer nutrition, and access to leading oncology nutrition professionals, resulting in clinical and QOL benefits.

Remedy Systems ( designs and builds practical mobile product platforms that lower the costs and improve the quality of healthcare.  Currently they are designing the Remedy Patient Check-In product with their partner, TransEngen, which helps connect health plans to doctors through mobile applications that tie in to clinical transactions.

Bytemark ( Their mission is to provide consumers, businesses and governments a platform for processing a wide variety of transactions and access to locations on the most secure and convenient mobile-based system ever developed.  (although not a healthcare company, they are closing their round soon and we wanted to give our members a chance to meet them.)

To Join HBS Angels of New York:

1. Review and agree to the HBS Angels terms and conditions at GUST:
2. Membership is $150 annually; pay at
3. Once your membership in GUST is approved and we’ve received payment, you can log into Gust and see details on our
presenting companies.

Please note that all angels, members of HBS Angels or not, are responsible for their own due diligence.  HBS Angels merely helps to organize access to potential investments, and is not endorsing or approving in any way any company presented to our members.  Angel investing is a high-risk activity, and you should not invest any money unless you are comfortable losing 100% of your investment.  For clarity, you must join HBS Angels of Greater New York even if you are already a paid member of the HBS Club of New York and/or the HBS Healthcare Alumni Association.

Wednesday, February 29th

Location: Cooley, LLP, Grace Building, 1114 Ave. of the Americas, 46th Floor, enter from 42nd St. (Thank you Cooley for being our location sponsor!)
Time: 5:30pm registration and reception includes light buffet dinner, 6:30pm pitches, please register by 3pm on Tuesday, February 28th
Cost: $40.00, Open only to members of HBS Angels of Greater New York.
Organizer: Robert Dahl ’83, Christian Hensley ’01, Betsy Odita ’98, John Park OPM ’10, David Teten ’98

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