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Hedge fund investment patterns/quarterly reports/investment ideas/careers

Yaser Anwar, an unusually aggressive and career-savvy senior at York University, has a mailing list with interesting information about the current status of the markets, with a focus on hedge fund investing. He sends out content about twice a month. If you want to sign up for it, contact him at yaser(at) . Despite his age, he has access to truly value-added information.

He also runs an active, open Facebook group called “Wall Street Networking". You’ll find over links there “to help you with jobs/internships, economics, Bloomberg tutorials, excel spreadsheets, fund manager interviews, interview questions, learning about the industry (investment banking or trading? You decide), developing contacts, & learning how to make money in the markets.”

Yaser is a great model of a young person who has leveraged online networks to create a significant personal brand and professional network, which has already created unique professional opportunities for him. I wish I were as forward-thinking as he is, back when I was in college!

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