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How a 76-year-old bills more hours than every other lawyer at his firm

The NY Times profiles legendary entertainment lawyer Bert Fields: Telling Hollywood It’s Out of Order. Fields has never lost a case.

My favorite part:

Even with the 35-minute commute from Malibu to his office in Century City, Mr. Fields says he still bills more hours than any of the 100 lawyers at his firm, Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman Machtinger & Kinsella, and he still returns home daily to Malibu to make lunch. A key to his efficiency is that he doesn’t “do lunch,” he said, nor dinner, drinks or breakfasts with clients.

“I made a deal with myself many years ago that I would never socialize to get business,” he said. “And I never have. Lawyers should get business because people think they’re good lawyers.”

Mr. Fields is truly a salesman after my own heart. Keith Ferrazzi/Tahl Raz in their book, “Never Eat Alone”, emphasize the importance of getting business in large part because people like you and you are charming. Charm helps, charm counts, but Character and Competence trump mere charm every time.

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