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How to Have (or make it appear you have) Strong Self-Esteem

From this article on Strong Self-Esteem Can Help You Advance, I like this quotation:

Research reveals that the following attributes characterize self-confident, assertive people:

+ They express an air of self-assurance with upright carriage, holding their heads slightly more erect than less-confident people.
+ They exhibit an air of relaxation, an unrestrained movement with arms swinging freely at their sides when walking.
+ They have a penetrating but unself-conscious gaze.
+ They exhibit free-flowing, high-level energy, which they are able to maintain in whatever they do.
+ They have strong feelings of mastery and confidence to handle challenging situations and a diversity of personalities.
+ They are untroubled by the prospect of a confrontation, but seldom initiate or seek it out.
+ They are flexible, able to choose and adopt several roles, rather than perpetually wearing the same face.
+ They feel no compulsion to follow approved or expected scripts and are freer to experiment, ad lib and break new ground in unfamiliar situations. ”

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