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Human Resources Career Source Database

Richard Taylor is offering a new Human Resources Career Source Database, including 1,000 senior level H/R contacts assembled by his research staff.

More details from Richard:

“This could be used in any number of ways by you. If you are looking for a career opportunity, you can check out the websites and select the ones that are appropriate. Obviously, this excel database could also be used as a potential business development tool for interim executives and/or consultants.

“All locations are in the US, although many have international subsidiaries, The contacts in the database manage and hire executives for their portfolio companies. While none of these portfolio companies or divisions are part of this list, the list does include web addresses and this information could potentially be accessed through the websites.”

“The list is in excel format, making it easy to sort. It includes individual names, titles, firms, snail-mail addresses, telephone numbers, personal e-mail addresses for the majority, and website addresses Even in 10-pt. type, this list fills over 25 pages with data. You can use this information for calls, e-mailing, or mailings. “

“If you wish to obtain the database, simply let me know and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Once your payment via credit card is confirmed, the file will be sent via e-mail immediately. You are entitled to use the database for e-mailings or snail mailings to your heart’s content. You and only you are entitled to use the data. We do track unauthorized usage through LinkTrac. Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

Cost: $89.95

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