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Stowe Boyd writes about GoToMeeting: The Story Inside The Story:

“I had a web conference with Brian Donahoo of Citrix Online yesterday, and he outlined the reasons that GoToMeeting has become the fastest growing product that the company has offered, eclipsing the monumentally sucessful GoToMyPC, and the lesser known but very widely adopted GoToAssist. The story within the story is not the technology itself, per se — although what has been developed is impressive, and I will discuss certain functionality later on. …..The answer: Citrix went out and surveyed existing, former, and potential users of online conferencing solutions and discover several very critical and unmet needs:

+ The solutions availble were generally not easy to use by attendees.

+ The solutions were considered by many to be expensive, relative to actual use; and worse, the expense is highly variable, with all sorts of additional charges that occur based on exceedingly difficult-to-track limits.

+ While many large companies have adopted web conferencing, mid size and small companies have not.

+ The solutions available were not oriented toward ad hoc use, but more so toward programmed and scheduled conferences.”

This product looks extremely useful.

Get invites to exclusive events, jobs, and research.

Get invites to exclusive events and research.