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Job Search EBook

Via Barbara Safani, a no-cost job search ebook from Career Hub:

I’m excited to announce our very first eBook! The book, which features in-depth job search advice from 17 career marketing experts is available for download now.

 We put this book together because we know that so many job seekers feel lost when they start out on their search.

Having put all their time and energy into making their employers successful, they’ve had neither the time nor the need to keep up with the latest in job search strategies.

The Career Hub contributors are career coaches, recruiters, consultants, business executives and resume writers and all have valuable knowledge to share.

So I asked each of them to contribute to this free eBook in order to share what they know with those of you who are working your way through the job search process now (or plan to do so in the future).

Please feel free to share the book. And tell us what you think, either by email or in the comments. We plan to issue more free eBooks and your feedback will help us make them as useful as possible. Download here.

Get invites to exclusive events, jobs, and research.

Get invites to exclusive events and research.