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Dancer Carol Teten has had the pleasure of living and working in the U.S., Israel, and France. She also founded and built two professional companies:

  • The pioneering company Dance Through Time, with dancers performing historical social dances from the 15ththrough 20thcenturies.
  • Dancetime Publications, 21 videos of diversified dances of the past and present, many of which are sold on the Internet to this day.

With her Paris-born husband, Carol built a family as well, a tight-knit clan of two children and 11 grandchildren. In their later years, Carol and her husband indulged their bohemian spirit and traveled around the world for four years, literally living out of a suitcase as they explored cultural and historical sites in more than 30 countries. Today, Carol takes dance classes in New York City, mentors entrepreneurs building businesses in the arts, and is still going strong.

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