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More on the topic of how to find peoples' email addresses

Joe Bartling of responded to the last post about how to brainstorm the email address of someone you do not know in a company:

“Using this is like carpetbombing leaflets without regard for the environment below, otherwise known as SP-MMING. I’ve found that a more effective way of finding out someone’s email address is to search Google for the domain name and mailto, such as “mailto”. The search results will usually respond with email addresses of how the company address mail, such as or Using the spreadsheet and bombarding emails to knowingly wrong addresses is just plain SP-M.”

Responding to Joe’s comments:

As Alex Monty suggested, the best way to handle the ambiguous email is to send one email to, and then in the BCC box put in;; etc. That way the recipient only sees one email in his/her inbox, and you cannot be accused of sp-mming.

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