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New job for you?/seeking midtown office space

I thought that some of you on the list may be interested in taking on a
new job. A number of my clients are seeking to hire people with
backgrounds in sales, finance, creative/graphic arts, advertising, HR, and in some other
sectors. All openings are posted at . All of the openings are in either New York or India.

Also, my company, Nitron Advisors, is seeking Manhattan office
space. I welcome any suggestions you might have.

Preferred location: midtown

Need: room for 5-10 people, ideally with easy option to add new staff
and take additional room

Preferred situation: sublet from an established firm
Business background: Nitron Advisors is an independent research firm
which provides institutional investors (mainly hedge funds) with access
to frontline industry experts. For more information, please see .

If you know of a suitable space, please contact David Teten,
david.teten @, [1] 212-838-9869 . Please, no broker phone calls.

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