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On Elevating Wrists

Via Mark Hurst of GoodExperience and GEL:

Part of learning to type means learning how to position the arms and wrists. (See more on “learn to type!” here:) For years, to cut down on wrist pain, I’ve rested my forearms on a dictionary and a thesaurus, each 5 cm thick. That elevates my forearms above the mouse and keyboard and reduces stress on my wrists.

Last week I spotted in Yahoo News, “Forearm Support May Cut Computer Injuries: “An “ergonomic board” that provides forearm support may relieve upper body pain and disorders that can develop from spending extended hours on a computer, a new study suggests.

 The device, a board that attaches to a desk and supports the forearm, lowered the risk of developing shoulder and neck problems by nearly half and significantly reduced neck, shoulder and right arm pain associated with computer work.”

My favorite, though, was this quote: “The average cost per board is around $100, said Rempel. The study found that employers would recover these costs within about 10 months of purchasing the boards.”

A hundred bucks? Buy a dictionary (from Gel 2006 speaker Erin McKean, please) and a thesaurus for much less than that!

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