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I have contributed to, Forbes, Pando, peHub, Techcrunch, VentureBeat, and elsewhere; a full list of my past contributed articles is here.  I have listed below some of my larger-scale research projects:

2016: Institutional Investor, “Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted” (cover story, about 2,000 words).  You can download the full research study (10,000 words) in PDF.  My coauthors and I write about our research at

2015: Tow-Knight Center podcast interview on identifying market white space.

2014: Fox Business TV featured me as a judge.

2012-13: Our research study on best practices in VC portfolio company value creation was published in the Journal of Private Equity, peHub, Palico, Betabeat, and Techcrunch. It was the single most-viewed article in the Journal of Private Equity during the year after we published it.



2003-2008: Evalueserve Circle of Experts featured in Securities Industry News, Wall Street Journal (front page), BusinessWeek, and many other publications.

2005-present: The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online reviewed in BusinessWeek, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, and many other publications. Also excerpted in and For more, see the complete list of reviews.

2001-present: Accolo, which acquired Teten Recruiting, receives extensive press coverage.

1999-2001: GoldNames featured in Bloomberg, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal Europe, as well as leading publications in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, and Hebrew.